Amy Friskney

Amy FriskneyAmy

President, Board of Directors 
I am a marketing diva who loves to help local businesses master social media and modern marketing challenges. 
Family consists of fantastic parents, two sisters, the fun-est nieces and nephews and the quirkiest long hair chihuahua, Basil Henry 

How did you become involved with the Toy Chest?

I came to the Toy Chest through two of the founding Board members, Ron Gray and Amanda Walker.  Several years ago when Ron and Amanda agree to help with another organization were I was volunteering- fast forward to 4 years ago we reconnected and asked me to help out. The rest was history.  It brings great joy to help with this organization, along with bringing great new friends!


What inspires you to make a difference?

What inspires me to make a difference is knowing that my life has been blessed more than I deserve, so I try hard to give back every time I’m asked. Every project that we complete with the Toy Chest, inspires me to try to do even more for those around me!


What are you doing to “Be Relevant” in the community?

One thing I am doing to be relevant, is to just listen and respond in the best way I can, be it pointing to a resource, sharing what I have, or helping to create a project to support.


Things you may not know about me.

I am a wanna be graphic artist, and am thankful for software like picmonkey, that makes me look like I know what to do!

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