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photo 2Ron Gray

Founder and President, Board of Directors
Owner and President, Bluegrass Healthcare Staffing
Dad to Cooper, 9 year old miniature bull-terrier


How did you become involved with the Toy Chest?
I shared the idea about the Toy Chest with my family in the Summer of 2011.  I invited them and some of my closest friends to become part of creating an organization to make a difference in the lives of KY kids.  From the beginning we knew we would focus on kids in underserved areas and the goal was to foster joy & happiness through our service.  We’ve had an overwhelming response of support from the community that has helped us triple our growth in our second year.  We are excited and eager to be change in the communities we serve. 
What inspires me?
My niece, Brooke, is the inspiration behind the Toy Chest.  The happiness and joy I see in her is the same thrill of being a kid I wish every child could realize.  Every kid deserves the carefree joys of childhood and my wish is that the Toy Chest helps bring that same joy to every kid we serve.
What are you doing to “Be Relevant” in the community?
I believe to have relevance in this life, is to give part of your own life.  Living life with intention, in service to others, is an honor and obligation.  My hope is that my service to community through the Toy Chest gives me relevance & purpose.     
Things you may not know about me:
I was an ER nurse in my first career and earned an MBA in grad school.  I worked as a travel nurse in Hawaii for 6 months after college.  I went snow skiing in Austria at the Stubai Glacier and back-packed Western Europe for 4 weeks visiting 5 different countries.  I’ve ran 2 26.2 mile marathons; started playing tennis a year ago & play on a USTA league. 
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