A Toy Chest Christmas 2016

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This year marked the 5th year of A Toy Chest Christmas and it was our biggest initiative yet! We provided gifts to over 430 kids from 10 counties in Kentucky. It’s easy to forget the true joy that giving to others brings when you’re in the midst of the busyness that comes with the holidays. That’s why we love sharing the stories of the special children that we are fortunate to help through The Toy Chest.

Below are 5 such special children we were able to provide gifts for this Christmas along with notes from our school liaison.

Joshua and Jacob are identical twins and share a home with six, yes six, more siblings.  Jacob is the outgoing one, while Josh is sweet, but shy.  They recently lost their father to health complications, but have managed to press on, come to school and keep their grades up.  Thank you for helping these two fantastic boys!!


Caroline has a 20 year old brother and lives with her parents.  Caroline is a very thoughtful girl who, while doesn’t have a lot in terms of material things, has a lot to offer with her sweet smile and witty personality.  Caroline was so appreciative of the items she received.  She even told me that this will help her parents out because now they won’t have to worry about buying her winter clothes.


Isabella is a character.  With a big smile and a lot to say about everything, she is a sight to behold.  Isabella is exceptional and is a jewel to her peers and teachers.  She insisted that we tell “Amy”, (the secret Santa) that she LOVES everything and that she LOVES Amy too, even without meeting her.  After speaking with Isabella’s mother, she too would like to extend a big THANK YOU for the gift.


Sherman is a fantastic kid with limited opportunities.  While he lives on an awesome spot of land with his 7 siblings, he is isolated from so many things that other kids get to see and do (movies, internet, dining out, etc).  With only one working vehicle, Sherman’s family is hard-working in trying to make ends meet.  In fact, they chop, sell and haul firewood and the job of chopping the wood falls on Sherman.  He has a heart of gold and is always looking for a way to help someone else.  Thank you for your gift to Sherman.  When I gave him his gift today, he traded in his old red hoodie for the brand new grey one you gave him.


This warmed our hearts and made us so thankful we were able to help these children this Christmas season! This is why we’re so passionate about A Toy Chest Christmas, it really does make a difference in children’s lives.