The Owens’ Family

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The Owens' FamilyKrystal and Anthony Owens have a big, beautiful, blended family consisting of 7 children. Their first two children are sisters who were their foster children that were later adopted by the Owens family. The next three are biological children of the Owens and the last two, Sando and Ahni-Joy, are Bulgarian orphans (brother and sister) who were adopted and brought to the United States 7-months ago by the Owens family. To say that Krystal and Anthony Owens have two of the most generous hearts we’ve ever seen, is quite an understatement. This last adoption has brought much joy into their lives, but it has not been easy. These orphans were very malnourished, uneducated and lacked basic medical care. As a result, the Owens have spent much of 2015 getting proper medical care, nourishment and educational tools to “catch” them up with kids of their own age group both educationally, physically and mentally. However, the biggest challenge seems to be the integration into an already thriving family. This family was in need of counseling, and more specifically, from a counselor who was experienced in older-aged adoption, attachment and trauma, which is not easy to find. The Toy Chest was glad to help unite the family by underwriting several sessions with a professional counselor that has been helping the family work through the challenges brought with adoption and fostering. The family is doing well today and learning more and more how rewarding blended families really are.