Evan’s Story

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EvanEvan is a five-year-old boy with a diagnosis of epilepsy and developmental delays that have left the future of his development relatively questionable. A few weeks ago, Evan’s mom rand omly went to check on him in the night. She found him non responsive and not breathing after a massive seizure. She got him to the h ospital, where everything was corrected effectively. Since Evan’s seizure, his mother has been increasingly stressed and anxious. She came to me, Evan’s occupational therapist, with questions about a “smart watch” that can detect seiz ures before they start, and alert her via iPhone, iPad, or computer by using an alarm. I began researching the product, which has clinical evidence to support its claims. Though there are similar items on the market, most require a monthly subscription to access its features. I made the mother no guarantees, but I told her I was going to look for a way for she and Evan to have this watch. That’s where The Toy Chest came into the picture. As a pediatric occupational therapist, I have had a wonderful relationship with The Toy Chest Children’s Charity as they have gone above and beyond for other clients. This experience, however, takes the cake. I was able to tell Evan’s mom that The Toy Chest approved the purchase of the smart watch, and the order had been placed. The watch is in the final phases of development, and is available only for pre-order. For each one sold, its creators will donate another to a child in need. The response from Evan, his mother, and all of us who are inspired by Evan’s resilience and positive attitude are beyond excited for this purchase. Words cannot express our gratitude for The Toy Chest and the great work they do. They’ve always impacted lives, but in this case, they might just save one.