Volunteer with The Toy Chest!

Join us in speading a smile to all Kentucky Kids!! We can never have too much help. Email us at volunteer@thetoychest.org to find out how you can help!

Central Kentucky Children's Charity, Lexington KY Children's Charity

Our Mission

The Toy Chest is a children’s charity that provides toys, books, clothing and other items vital to the healthy development of children in underserved areas around Kentucky. We are committed to mentoring and fostering service values in all children, while providing them a platform to serve their peers.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a resource for families and children of KY when they need help the most. We believe through human connection and empathy there is an opportunity to inspire hope and a vision of a stronger tomorrow.

Our Reach

Based in Lexington, Kentucky, The Toy Chest is committed to service opportunities across the state of Kentucky.


hugThe Toy Chest is committed to serving KY children by providing toys, books, clothing and other items vital to their healthy development.  Our hope is that every child has the essentials in life that allow them to thrive academically and socially.  Toys and books take children on adventures of play, make-believe and imagination, inspiring them to dream a dream bigger than their reality!

There are many underserved areas around KY, from inner cities to rural Appalachia.  We partner with family resource centers, teachers, social workers and community leaders in identifying service opportunities where our service can have the biggest impact.

We also provide children a platform to serve their peers through service projects. Service provides a sense of community, creating characteristics of leadership, responsibility and gratitude in all who participate.

See Success Stories for more information on service projects we’ve worked in the past.

To have relevance in this life, is to give part of your own life.

– Ron Gray, Founder of the Toy Chest Children’s Charity